A scenic laboratory with focus on choreographic research and collaboration between video and live streaming on the Internet.
As a part of the work Kassandra Production did stream 15 minutes live from a private apartment in Aarhus direct to the festival MANIFEST at Atalante in Gothenburg via the Internet. The feature consisted of choreographic sketches, video projection and a verbal presentation of the ideology behind the Internet part.
Atalante: HYPERLINK "http://www.atalante.org" http://www.atalante.org
The laboratory was completed by a working demonstration at GRAN theatre for dance for a special invited audience.
Idea, director and choreographer: Annika B. Lewis
Dancers: Kasper Daugaard Poulsen and Brian Degn
Video: Jens Mønsted
Internet: Jonas Smedegaard
Subsidized by: The Theatre Council of Denmark

Aurora Borealis - Århus-Reykjavik
(Apartments INC.; part 1)

A chamber performance in a private apartment in the centre of Aarhus and in Reykjavik and in the same time streamed and broadcasted on the Internet.

An absurd and intimate performance about the ungraspable.
A montage of texts from amongst others August Strindberg, new written electro acoustic music and dance and live features via Internet streaming.
Kassandra Production in collaboration with the Icelandic LabLoki.

The press wrote:
"Check it out by yourself -this is a guaranteed peepshow-related performance."
- Nummer.se

Idea and staging: Annika B. Lewis
Performers: Martin Lundberg, Bettina Birkjær Hansen and Annika B. Lewis
Livemusic and composition: Anders Krøyer and Jens Mønsted
Internet streaming: Jonas Smeedegaard
Video: Eyefix

Director: Runar Gudbrandsson
Performers: Pall S. Palsson og Steinunn Knutsdottir
Internet streaming: Hakon Mar Oddson

Subsidized by: Aarhus Municipality and Aarhus Culture night, with more.