XpositionREVERSE is a digital chamber performance about position and identity on and with the Internet.
A performance presented live simultaneous in Aarhus and Gothenburg - and in the same time is streamed and broadcasted on the Internet.

XpositionREVERSE is a surrealistic and humorous montage of new written text, dance, video, electro acoustic music and streamed bits.
A modern Gesamtkunstwerk, placing itself somewhere between installation and the intimate chamber play.
Inspired by cabaret, sitcoms and cosy evenings on the couch.

XpositionREVERSE is a complex creation about being outside and excluded contra to be inside and included. About being in the centre of the events contra being in the periphery.

The performance is about the modern man's need to be ”on” and wish for ”15 minutes of fame”. But do we only exist if we are seen, filmed and are placed in the focus point of the media lens? What defines centre and where is it placed? And what will happen, if focus is moved and periphery and centre is swapping place?

To be another place. Another position. Xposition.
To expose oneself. Exposure. Exposition.

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